AUBIST Adaptive Platform, an AUTOSAR-AP-Compliant Software Platform,
Now Supports R-Car Automotive SoC from Renesas

Maximizes Performance from Heterogenous Multicore* SoC

AUBASS CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shoji Izumi) today announced that its AUBIST Adaptive Platform (AUBIST AP), a software platform that is compliant with the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AUTOSAR AP) specification, now supports the R-Car, automotive system-on-chip (SoC) from Renesas Electronics. As R-Car is a standard SoC for automotive systems that is widely used in the marketplace, AUBIST AP’s support for R-Car will contribute to the further development of automotive systems.

AUBIST AP is optimized for the distributed environments used for advanced autonomous driving and provides the means to manage and control OS resources, services, and applications. Combined with AUBIST OS POSIX, AUBIST AP can extract maximum performance from the SoC, which uses a heterogenous multicore hardware configuration to provide a high level of computing power. AUBIST AP also facilitates the reuse of existing Linux software, making it easy to add new applications or to port existing applications written for a POSIX OS. Other capabilities include the use of Linux containers to separate applications and processes, and also the execution of Autoware and coexistence of applications developed on ROS and ROS 2, using Hypervisor for virtualization. AUBIST AP provides a high level of real-time performance and safety in advanced autonomous driving applications where considerable computing power is needed.

R-Car from Renesas is an automotive SoC with a high level of computing performance, providing an automotive computing platform for the connected car and the era of autonomous driving. The R-Car SoC incorporates an Arm® Cortex® core with the latest 64-bit architecture. Intended for autonomous driving systems and driving safety support systems such as ADAS, it is compliant with ASIL B as defined in the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety in road vehicles, and is capable of high-speed signal processing such as determining driving plans based on large amounts of input information from vehicle-mounted cameras and other sensors. To allow for implementation of the connected car, where integration with smartphones and the cloud is an essential requirement, R-Car also delivers the high level of computing performance required for user interface (HMI) processing to provide drivers with large amounts of externally input information in ways that are easily interpreted.

AUBIST AP combines real-time performance with high throughput and makes it easy to add new applications or to port existing application written for ROS/ROS2 or a POSIX OS. This is in line with the R-Car concept of supporting both driving assistance and autonomous driving functions that demand real-time performance and also automotive information systems with sophisticated and intuitive HMIs, making it an ideal match for extracting maximum performance from both types of application.

Naoki Yoshida, Vice President, Automotive Technical Customer Engagement Division, Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation, commented that, “I am delighted that AUBIST AP now supports the Renesas R-Car SoC. AUBASS is an important partner for supporting R-Car software development and I believe that their top-level platform technology and automotive systems knowledge will be great benefits to users.”

AUBASS President Shoji Izumi commented that, “AUBIST AP provides a reliable high-performance software platform that utilizes the latest technology to extract maximum performance from heterogenous multicore processors. By adding support for the Renesas SoC, we are contributing to the development of highly reliable automotive systems.”

(* ) Heterogenous multicore: A microprocessor that incorporates a number of cores (central processing circuits) with different architectures.

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