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Company Information

Company Policy

We contribute to the development of the future automotive society, by striving to contemplate together with our valued customers.

Company Behavior Guidelines

  1. Provide new values to the global market and future automotive society, by sturdy competition under harmonious co-development.
  2. Meeting the expectations of our customers by developing the basic software needed for automotive electronics with ingenuity in security and safety.
  3. Develop our corporate constitution fulfilled with the energy of our associates, by valuating on the respect of individuals and ties of comradeship.

Message from the President

Since our establishment in 2016, AUBASS has been developing a wide range of automotive software and related products, especially focusing on the automotive basic software based on AUTOSAR international standard.

The automobile industry is facing a major evolution that is said to be once a century, and we are entering into the "CASE" era. Technological innovations such as electrification and autonomous driving will accelerate, and by connecting cars to the society, it will be possible to provide new information, functions, and services, creating a new mobility society that has never been imagined before.

In order to realize the technical evolution toward the new era of mobility society, the role of in-vehicle software becomes more and more important. By continuously evolving the software and constantly updating the car, we will continue to provide new services and new value, in a timely and sustainable manner. To that end, it is essential to increase added value through software-first development. We will contribute to realize the new mobility society by efficiently developing safe and secure software that is easy for our customers to use, and support the world and future car electronics.

AUBASS strives to become a professional group of basic software that customers can rely on, by having all employees working together to taking on the challenges.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

President Kenzo Furusawa

Company Overview

  • Company name
  • Location

    Head Office
    9th floor, Taiyoseimeishinagawa building, 2-16-2, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Chubu office
    Hirokojihonmachi building, 3-1-1, sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

  • Board members
    Kenzo Furusawa

    Executive Director, Member of the Board
    Kenji Kamiya
    Hiroshi Matsuda
    Katsutoshi Hasegawa
    Hiroshi Sato

    Atsushi Hayashida
  • Establishment
    April 2016
  • Capital
    100 million yen
  • Ownership
    DENSO Corporation 51%
    eSOL Co., Ltd. 35%
    NEC Communication Systems, Ltd. 14%
  • Employees
    171 people (as of April 2023)
  • Business
    Development and licensing of automotive basic software / tools
    Maintenance services for automotive basic software / tools
    Engineering services for automotive basic software