AUBIST Product Series

BSW products compliant with AUTOSAR Classic Platform specifications

《 AUTOSAR Release 4.x 》

To cope with increasing sophistication, the AUBIST Classic Platform product is designed to improve size and performance in parallel to development speed. In accordance with the AUTOSAR implementation process, the modular package configurations allow matching the special characteristics of ECUs.

【AUBIST Configurator】

AUBIST Classic Platform Tools (for AUBIST Classic Platform) 

AUBIST Configurator provides tools to streamline the process of incorporating BSW into customer ECU products, such as BSW configuration.
Additional tools are available to pinpoint configuration conditions and standard settings in advance, to free customers from the diverse array of AUTOSAR configuration settings.

Towards a High-performance Computing Age for Vehicles, with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform-compliant Software Platform

AUBIST Adaptive Platform provides a real-time POSIX OS for single to multi-many-core processors, with an ample coverage of high-performance SoCs. Several Functional Clusters are supported for communication, persistency, security, diagnostics, and more, to support an extensive and full-featured platform development.

AUBIST Adaptive Platform Tools (for AUBIST Adaptive Platform)

Several tools are available to configure and allow performance evaluation, to support our customers' rapid and precise development. This is critical to enable optimal usability in adaptive systems development.


Engineering services to help users meet their requirements while implementing AUTOSAR-based products.

Utilizes our knowledge of AUTOSAR and rich experience with automotive systems development to solve our customers' technical issues, and our domestic engineers provide systems development support to customers implementing AUTOSAR for the first time. And the next times too.

AUTOSAR Overview and Implementation Benefits

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) was established in 2003 with the aim of realizing the standardization essential to reusing and automating automotive software for the entire automobile industry.

Now, virtually every automobile-related company is an AUTOSAR Partner. AUTOSAR is used in most new development in Europe, and is expected to continue gaining ground in Japan too.